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Gene is listed on the official Upward Sports website (www.upward.org) under Suggested Award Night Speakers and has provided top quality entertainment with a powerful message for many years. Gene recently received the following e-mail following an award night where approximately 60 participants came forward to make first time commitments to Christ.

“Thanks for being with us and helping to make this the best Upward award night we have ever had. I trust God continues to use you to share the love of God with the children of the world.”

Andrew Patton
New Life Christian Fellowship
Trumbull, CT

Gene uses ventriloquism, comedy illusion and balloon sculpture to illustrate powerful principles from the Word of God. Gene’s programs are fast paced and action packed and will leave every person in the audience laughing and feeling the love of God.

Volunteers from the audience will get to help Gene on stage as he presents the message of salvation in such a brilliant and unique manor. He also uses ventriloquism to tell classic bible stories in a way that you will never forget. The use of contemporary and relevant humor magnifies the true heart of the Word and helps to make the principles understandable.

Gene is frequently asked to give an invitation at the conclusion of his program and is honored to present the gift of salvation in a highly effective way that is clear and concise. Not every Upward event is geared to include an invitation for salvation but when they are, Gene is prepared

Gene’s standard honorarium for a single program is $1250 plus travel expenses which will either be mileage @ .40 per mile or round trip airfare, hotel accommodations for Mr. Cordova and a meal allowance of $25 per day.

To help with budget restrictions Gene is happy to stay with a host family and have meals with church families or meals that are planned for the event. He can also give you dates that the airfare/ travel expenses would be significantly reduced or even free because he is already scheduled in your area.

Since we are first and foremost a ministry, we always do our best to accommodate Upward budgets as best we can. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us and share your needs.

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