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Do you think you were made without a funny bone? Does your lesson plan need an added punch…line? This workshop will teach you how to think, write and create funny. Gene Cordova has a sure fire method that will retrain your brain, observe the funny all around you, and write or tell funny stories.
This workshop will teach you the basics of puppetry. Bringing these pieces of fabric and foam to life is fun & fascinating and you can do it! Gene and his primate pal, Bongo will teach you how to make your puppet real and also how to give him/her a voice and personality. We will also cover non-VERBAL PUPPETRY. Kids love puppets and after this class, so will you! Gene can also include a workshop on how to create voices for puppets, story telling and characters.
This workshop will teach you the basics of ventriloquism. If you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill but were intimidated, this is a class for you. Gene will show you how easy it is to bring a character to life through ventriloquism. Voice, puppet manipulation and lip control is all covered in this clear yet humorous workshop.
This workshop will teach you different techniques and give you many valuable ideas for great stories for classroom and large groups. Everyone loves to hear a great story. Audience participation, humor, inexpensive props, and costumes made simple, balloons and much more. Stories from the Bible come to life with a contemporary flair. Stories your kids will NEVER forget.
This workshop is a beginning course on balloon twisting. Nothing catches the eye or attention like zany, colorful balloons. Gene will teach you the basics of balloon art and give you ideas on how to create stories with balloons, use balloons as prizes, use balloons as decorations and balloons as a great teaching tool. Everyone will leave with the ability to make at least 5 great creations that are simple yet awesome. Batteries not included or needed. Gene can also teach intermediate and advanced balloon workshops.

This workshop is a beginner’s course in gospel illusions. Your eyes will be in for a surprise when Gene shows you simple, yet, very effective object lessons that will captivate and keep the attention of your kids while you sow the seed of God’s word. You will not only learn the method of each illusion, but you will learn how to create the lessons that makes this a powerful tool.


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