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Arts/Community Festivals
Along with the many stage shows that Gene offers (see description below), he can also provide masterpiece face painting. We’re not talking about the standard face painting seen at festivals; we’re talking about full face masterpieces; some are even enhanced with glitter and rhinestones. These amazing creations are detailed and beautiful yet can be completed in about 5 to 9 minutes.

When Gene does face painting for an event we ask that a booth or space along with a table and at least 2 chairs be provided for his use. Gene will bring his own supplies and design menu and there are two options for payment. Gene will either contract at a flat rate of $75 per hour or bring a fee list and collect from each customer separately.

Pricing for Gene’s stage shows at Arts and Community Festivals range between $750 and $1250 per day for either 1-60 minute show or 2-30 minute shows or 3-20 minute shows plus travel expenses, which may include lodging accomodations and meals @ $40 per day if the event is out of the Cordovas home area.
County/State Fairs

Gene’s shows are always fast paced, hilarious and will entertain children and adults of all ages. He captivates the audience with a great blend of humor, comedy magic and ventriloquism.

Many times the concession stand operators will come and watch Gene’s show again and again during their break times because each show is so unique and different due to his amazing improvisational skills. Several audience volunteers are included during the show and he consistently uses the atmosphere of the event and current issues to make his show timely and topical.

Along with the many stage shows that Gene offers he can also provide masterpiece face painting (see above.)

Gene’s standard range for County and State Fair stage shows is $3000 to $3500 per week, 3 or 4 20 minute shows a day, plus travel expenses, which may include lodging accomodations and meals @ $40 per day if the event is out of the Cordovas home area. Expenses for travel will differ depending on travel distance so please call for more information.
To help with budget restrictions we can also give you dates that the travel expenses would be significantly reduced or even free because we are already scheduled in your area.
Corporate Events
Gene has corporate shows for adults that are clean, classy and hilarious. He gathers “inside” information about your company, group or company’s personnel and integrates it into the show. The result will have your employees laughing so hard they may need oxygen. The comment we hear most often is “You made this show so personal, how did you know all of those things?”
How would you like to see your “favorite” manager or employee talking and singing in a different voice? The audience roars as Gene literally puts words in their mouth. The magic that Gene performs is funny, yet sophisticated and jaw dropping. This is a show that your employees will talk about for years to come.
Gene also has a variety of family and children’s shows to choose from for Holidays and special events. Your next company picnic will never be the same and Gene can add Masterpiece Face Painting to your outdoor event as well. (See details and pricing above)
Gene’s standard range for a corporate event is $750 - $2500 for a 45 minute show, plus travel expenses. Meals and hotel are required when the event is more than 200 miles from Knoxville, Tennessee.

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