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Gene was born in Oregon to a multi-generational Christian family. Gene was the youngest of 6 children and was ministering in song with his older sister Virginia when he was just 4 years old. Gene’s tight knit family taught Gene to pray and walk in faith at a very early age and he credits them for giving him a strong foundation. Many of his siblings are in ministry also and continue to support and encourage Gene’s vision.

At the age of 7, Gene gave his heart to Jesus and shortly after heard the call to be an Evangelist. Throughout his childhood and teen years Gene didn’t want to be anything else.

After graduating from Northwest University in Kirkland Washington, Gene took a “Youth Pastor” position at a local church in Woodinville Washington in hopes of learning how God would use him. At the age of 25 Gene began to learn ventriloquism and suddenly he had the answer to his question.

It was a natural fit and the ventriloquism gave Gene the perfect vehicle to share his sense of humor and quick wit while presenting the gospel. Gene began to search for other creative methods to present the Word of God in a way that children could appreciate and enjoy so he added the art of balloon sculpture and gospel illusion which gave his programs variety and excitement.

Gene has recently relocated his long established ministry to the Knoxville Tennessee area because God called him to a more central location where he could reach a greater number of the nation’s population.

Gene and his wife Fawn have three beautiful children (Caleb, Tyler and Sarah) and a wonderful daughter-in-law, Amanda. They also have two of the world’s smartest dogs, Milo and Bubba.

Milo Bubba

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